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Building a relationship of trust with your dentist in Richmond

How do you feel when you know it’s time for a visit to the dentist in Richmond?  Do you feel:

Perfectly at ease with the idea?

Perhaps a bit nervous?

Absolutely terrified?

You are too scared to even make an appointment?

Dentist in Richmond

If it is any but the first answer, perhaps you need to reconsider which dentist in Richmond you are using. Here at Sheen Dental, our clinical director, Dr Harmit Kalsi, and our other dentists (Dr Thomas Crawford-Clarke, Dr Pooja Patel and Dr Fotis Stavaras) all focus on making sure you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your check-ups and treatments.

We understand that dental phobia is not rare, and that as a real phobia, it affects about 13% of the population. That’s not just being a bit nervous. Phobic is full-blown anxiety, sweating and panic levels of fear. So, if 13% of the UK population have that level of fear around seeing the dentist, we understand that nearly all people have some level of unease about visiting the dentist.

It makes sense really. Up until recently, it was hard to carry out dental work without inflicting some level of pain. Even giving someone an injection of anaesthetic can be painful, and, anyway, some people are phobic about needles.

How we can help you relax

The clinic here at Sheen Dental is designed to help you feel calm. You will be met by our friendly reception team and as you wait for your appointment, you can have a hot drink, read magazines and newspapers or watch the patient education slide shows.

We will always talk to you in plain English and talk through all your treatments with you, giving you plenty of time to ask any questions you like about your treatment.

Conscious sedation

If you are very anxious, we can offer conscious sedation on longer procedures such as dental implants. You can choose between intravenous sedation or inhalation sedation with guided imagery to help you focus on positive subjects.

So if you want to find a new way to feel good about visiting the dentist in Richmond, come and give Sheen Dental a try.


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