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Benefits of dental cleaning

Many people are wondering why they should get their teeth cleaned when they brush and floss every day. Plaque is not easily visible to the naked eye, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there and only a dental hygienist has the means to remove it for good from your teeth and gums.

At Sheen Dental, our dental hygienist in Richmond is trained and certified to detect and remove plaque from your teeth and gums as well as look for any signs of gum disease and tooth decay. Getting your teeth and gums inspected and cleaned by your hygienist in Richmond has many benefits.

No more cavities

Cavities are relatively harmless in the beginning and they can start forming on our teeth when we least expect it due to the acid remains of foods and beverages in our mouth. Brushing and flossing our teeth daily is a way to prevent the formation of acid, however, only your hygienist in Richmond can actively help prevent the formation of cavities.

No more gum disease

If you are susceptible to gum disease, then visiting your hygienist in Richmond regularly is something you shouldn’t neglect. Gum disease starts from the build-up of plaque on your teeth and gums and can even lead to tooth loss if not properly removed. As gum disease progress, plaque and bacteria enter deeper into your teeth and affect your gum tissue and the ligaments that hold your teeth and place, destroying your jawbone and causing your teeth to start loosening. At this stage, it’s much more difficult to treat gum disease, but not impossible.

Boost your overall health

Did you know that there is a correlation between your oral and overall health? Regular dental cleanings can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes and serious medical conditions like oral cancer can only be detected by your hygienist in Richmond at an early stage. Next time you feel like cancelling your appointment, think again.

No more bad breath

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, your hygienist in Richmond may recommend a thorough dental cleaning. Sometimes, only a deep dental cleaning can get rid of all these odorous bacteria that can create a foul smell in your mouth.


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