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Banish The Problem Of Loose Dentures Once And For All With The Help Of Dental Implants

When it comes to teeth replacement, dentures have been the method of choice for many years and as such remain a popular way to replace missing or broken teeth. Fitting them requires no surgery and they’re also considerably cheaper than other contemporary methods such as dental implants. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental, we find that dentures do still appeal to many people. That said, they do have one major flaw. However good the initial fit of a denture is, it will become loose over time.

So why is this?

Dental Implants Richmond

The answer is a process called resorption! When a tooth is lost, then the bone tissue that once surrounded the tooth root is no longer stimulated and as such will start to dissolve. Gradually over time this alters the shape of your jawbone. Since the dentures rest on the jaw line, then as the jaw bone changes shape, perfectly-fitting dentures will before long start to slip and slide in the mouth. This can lead to problems with eating and speaking and if left, can cause the dentures to rub painfully on the gum.

So how do you solve the problem?

For those who continue to wear dentures, you’ll know that they have to be regularly adjusted to match the changing shape of your jaw line. Eventually when they can no longer be adjusted, the dentures are replaced (usually around 5-10 years). All of a sudden wearing dentures isn’t an easy or inexpensive option. That said, there is an alternative way of fitting dentures which will make sure that they do remain completely stable. Aided by strategically placed dental implants which are anchored permanently into the jaw line, a set of customised dentures are then clipped firmly into place. They can easily be removed but once attached will remain secure, meaning that you can play sport, eat what you like, and generally carry on as normal without fear that your dentures are going to slip

Any long-term denture wearer will know just how miserable an experience loose dentures can be. Many wearers tend to shy away from social situations for fear of acute embarrassment, while many also suffer poor nutrition as they avoid a variety of difficult-to-eat foods. The good news is that implants can be used in a wide variety of ways to support anything from bridges to full arches of teeth. As a result there are always alternative options open to those who wear dentures.

If you’ve been wearing dentures for a long time and are seeking alternative options then why not come and have a chat with us here at Sheen Dental? We’ve been helping denture wearers with dental implants in Richmond for many years and have the experience to back up our years of success. Contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at to see just how we can help you put an end to your miserable denture experience.


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