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Are There Certain Teeth Only That Can Be Replaced By Dental Implants?

Here at Sheen Dental, as well as general dentistry and a variety of cosmetic dental treatments, we’ve also been carrying out dental implants for a number of years. One of the questions we’re often asked is can any tooth be replaced by a dental implant or is it limited to specific teeth?

Dental Implants Richmond

In reply to this question, we’d answer that virtually any missing or damaged natural tooth can be replaced by an artificial tooth. With the growing popularity of dental implants in Richmond and all over the country, it seems that the possibilities of tooth replacement know no boundaries.

If as an adult you’ve lost a natural tooth through injury, a cavity, or periodontal disease, then it makes sense to book a consultation to discuss with an oral surgeon just what benefits an implant can offer.

When it comes dental implants there are very few limits to their use. Serving as a replacement to a missing tooth or teeth, the implants are placed into a healthy jaw bone either at the front or rear of the mouth. Your surgeon may select an implant with a wide post for a rear tooth and one with a slimmer diameter of post for a front tooth. The shape of the crown which sits on top of the implant will also be carefully selected both in shape and colour to blend in seamlessly with the neighbouring teeth.

If you are seeking a dental implant in Richmond or elsewhere in the country, then firstly your dental surgeon will have to determine that you are in fact a suitable candidate for this particular type of tooth replacement. It’s essential that you’re in good health and not suffering from any uncontrolled chronic health conditions. The bone where the implant is to be placed also needs to be of a sufficient depth and width for the implant post. If your bone isn’t sufficiently deep or wide, then your surgeon may suggest a bone graft which would need to be carried out before a dental implant could be placed. Naturally this would mean that the duration of the dental implant procedure would take longer and there would also be an additional cost to factor into the equation.

A dental implant needs to be placed into a mature jaw which is why children aren’t suitable candidates for implants since their jaws are still growing way into their late teens. Here at Sheen Dental we’re looking to replace damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that are strong, durable and natural-looking. Why not book a free no obligation dental implant consultation with us so that we can discuss your best treatment options. You can call us or visit our website at for more information.


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