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Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

If you’ve had the misfortune to experience broken or missing teeth it’s good to know that you have options open to you, when it comes to teeth replacement. Firstly you could opt for dentures, or secondly you could do what more and more people are doing and go for dental implants. Whatever you decide, you need to make sure that you’re making the right choice. With this in mind, how do you know that dental implants in Richmond, or indeed anywhere else in the country are the right choice for you? Here are some pointers you may want to follow.

Longevity Vs cost

There’s no getting away from the fact that good quality dental implants aren’t cheap. In fact on average they cost somewhere between £900 and £2000 per tooth depending upon the situation. However to counteract this, if dental implants are successful and are cared for using good oral hygiene practices, then they can last indefinitely. When you take into consideration that dentures are only made to last a maximum of 10-15 years before they need replacing then this is something to think about.

If you’ve worn dentures before and are conscious of the cost of implants then you may want to continue wearing and replacing them as and when necessary. However for patients who don’t want the hassle of changing dentures every 10-15 years then you might be prepared to pay extra for a beautiful smile that’s going to last.

Smoking – to quit or not!

Although we all know smoking isn’t good for our health what isn’t so well known is that it also has major implications for a dental implant. In Richmond for example, here at Sheen Dental, implantologists will suggest that patients who do smoke need to quit at least 1-2 weeks before surgery and for the duration of the recovery period, which could take up to 9 months. The reasons for this are that chemicals contained within tobacco smoke will slow down the healing process (particularly bone fusion) which is vital to the success of the implant. Therefore if you are a smoker and just can’t face quitting for that length of time, or simply don’t want to, then dentures will probably be your best option.

Surgery Vs non-surgery

Dental implants by their very nature involve a surgical procedure that can be fairly complex, as titanium screw-like rods are anchored into the jaw-bone. Even prior to this a patient may require a bone graft in order to supply healthy bone for the implant to attach itself to. Whilst it’s fair to say that both these procedures have been carried out successfully for many years without issues, and the end result should be a permanent hassle-free smile, it is still an evasive surgical procedure nonetheless. If you simply can’t face ‘going under the knife’ or don’t want to wait up to 9 months to replace missing or broken teeth, then you may want to go down the non-surgical route of dentures

If you want more information on how undergoing treatment for dental implants in Richmond can bring back your smile and ultimately change your life, then contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 or alternatively why not visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk








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