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Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Perhaps you’re faced with the prospect of losing a tooth in the very near future or maybe you’ve already lost one or two teeth? If so then it can often be better to try to replace the tooth as soon as possible with a dental implant in Richmond. Implant dentistry is an extremely worthwhile investment in your oral health and has extremely high success rates. The reason it’s so successful is that dentists choose the candidates for implant dentistry quite carefully, taking a number of different factors into consideration.

When you visit Sheen Dental for your free consultation your dentist will need to discuss a number of different things with you to find out whether or not dental implants are the correct choice of treatment. These factors include:

Dental Implants Richmond

Being in good overall health

Having dental implants does mean undergoing a small surgical procedure so it’s important that you are in good overall health. If you smoke or drink alcohol to excess then implant surgery might not be right for you as these habits both negatively impact oral health. If you have diabetes than this treatment might not be for you unless your condition is extremely well-controlled; this disease can lower success rates as it affects the overall healing process of the dental implant.

Your gums need to be healthy

It’s necessary to have healthy gums as they are essential to help support your new dental implant in Richmond. If you are at increased risk of periodontal disease, which is a severe form of gum disease, then your dentist may recommend an alternative methods of tooth replacement as gum disease can increase the risk of dental implant failure.

Having a high commitment towards maintaining oral health

Dental implants need regular maintenance, and this includes having dental check-ups and hygiene appointments at Sheen Dental as these help ensure your gums are kept healthy and free from disease. You also need to be prepared to spend time cleaning around your implants to keep them free from plaque and food debris that could increase the risk of gum infection. If your implants support a denture, then it’s also essential to make sure you thoroughly clean the implant attachments in the denture every day. Not being a clincher or grinder

Bruxism or clenching and grinding the teeth can negatively impact the success rate of dental implants in Richmond. If you think you might have bruxism then it’s important to seek help from your dentist as is condition can cause tremendous damage to your teeth, gums and jaw joints. Your dentist can supply you with a night guard which is a dental appliance that is worn overnight and which prevents the teeth from coming into contact.

Every single person is different, and your dentist will help you decide whether or not dental implants are right for you based on the above factors as well as a number of different criteria which includes the location of the missing teeth and the condition of your jawbone. This is all part of the extensive planning process that goes into making sure dental implants are as successful as possible.