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Advice for new patients visiting our dentist in Richmond

Visiting the dentist is something we all find fairly routine, every couple of months we pop in, have a check-up or treatment then go back home again. That may seem simple, but for a lot of patients it can be a pretty nerve-racking experience.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few things our nervous patients can try to keep the anxiety demons at bay before they visit our dentist in Richmond.

Talk to our team

First on our list is arguably one of the most important things you can do to help reduce your stress levels, just talk. Communicating with our team is key to making sure your experience in our practice goes smoothly. All our staff are friendly and will try to help you feel more at ease when you stop by for an appointment with your dentist in Richmond.

If you’re struggling with talking to new people, then a simple hand gesture will also work just as well when things start to get a little too overwhelming for you.

At Sheen Dental our team will take you through your treatments in a relaxing, stress free environment on every visit.

Visit the practice ahead of time

A good way to help settle those first appointment jitters is to visit ahead of schedule. Stopping by early gives you the chance to meet our staff, get to know who will be performing your treatments, as well as give you a general feel for the practice and how we operate. It also lets you plan out your route in advance so you can avoid turning up late for appointments or accidentally missing them because of traffic.

Research your treatment

Another tip we have to put your mind at ease is to take some time and do a bit of homework on whatever procedure you’re going to be getting. Of course, your dentist will always talk you through your treatments ahead of time to let you know what’s going to happen, but a little additional information can never hurt.

Knowing exactly what you’re going to be in for can help settle any nerves that might start to pop up from fear of the unknown.

Use relaxing breathing techniques

When we’re stressed our bodies release waves of adrenalin to help us cope. Normally this can be pretty helpful if you’re in danger, but when you’re sitting in a dentist’s chair it often just makes things worse, as you’re just stuck there with a raised heart rate and shaking nervously.

To counter this, we recommend you practice some relaxing breathing techniques. There are a number of different methods you can try, but the basic slow breaths in through the nose and back out through the mouth for several minutes work just as well for flushing your system with oxygen, to break down the adrenalin faster and let you calm down quicker.

These are just a few things you can try yourself to keep those nerves at bay ahead of your next appointment. If you’re still feeling anxious when you visit, just let one of our team know and we will try to help you feel more relaxed.


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