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Accessing the services of the hygienist Richmond

There are times in life when we all need a little extra help to take care of every aspect of our health; this can be especially true of our oral health as this is an area that can prove tricky to care for. Many patients feel that they could do something else to heighten the care of their teeth and gums.

There may also be times when you find that you are struggling with an oral health issue that is not best treated by a dentist, as it may need a treatment approach that requires more than one appointment to monitor the problem and prevent it from developing, or better still resolve the issue. This may include issues such as sensitive teeth, bad breath, or other oral hygiene issues.

You should look upon the dentist as someone who mainly deals with oral health and oral surgery, which most of us would hope we never need too often. However, you may wish to look at another type of dental professional whose field of expertise is more suited to resolve issues with your oral hygiene. These professionals can help you find fresher breath and cope with the pain and problems of sensitive teeth.

At Sheen Dental, we can help our patients gain access to a dental hygienist Richmond, who will be able to provide advice on the best practices that will ensure high oral hygiene standards.

Specialist role

The hygienist Richmond plays a specialist role in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can often go unnoticed and lead to the development of common hygiene issues if they are left untreated. Issues such as bad breath, early tooth loss, and staining have all been linked to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can cause serious damage to teeth and gums; therefore, diagnosing and treating the disease is vital if you are to enjoy good oral health and hygiene.

Another crucial role of these professionals is to work with patients who wish to access smoking cessation services and products, as it is well known that smoking cigarettes can harm oral health. If you are someone who smokes, then you may wish to consider giving up this habit as a way to freshen your breath and improve your oral hygiene standards.

Should be seen as an add-on

We know that you will brush your teeth twice a day as recommended by all dental professionals; we like to believe that this is something that all our patients do. So, you may be asking why you should access the services of a hygienist Richmond.

The truth is there are times when we could all do with some professional help and advice in order to better care for our teeth and gums; there is no shame in this. If you can achieve greater standards of oral health and hygiene by accessing some of these professional services, perhaps it is time you considered them.

May we extend to you a very warm welcome to our practice in Richmond. We take great pride in the quality of our dentistry and want to make your visits a pleasant experience.


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