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A new you with Invisalign in Richmond

Looking good has never been so important, and these days having great looking teeth is as much a part of the package as great hair, sharp suits and the right gadgets.

If you want to make it in the world of work, you’d best make sure your teeth are as good to look at as your mobile phone. But how to get great teeth without having to go through several months of looking a bit silly with braces on your teeth. The simple solution is Invisalign in Richmond.

Invisalign in Richmond

If you have never heard of Invisalign in Richmond, you are in for a wonderful surprise. It’s easy not to have heard of this kind of invisible braces. They are so good at being invisible, you are unlikely to have seen them on someone’s teeth and been moved to enquire what they are and where to get them.

What they look like

Invisalign clear aligners look like figure-hugging mouth guards. They are made of clear plastic that is only about 0.3 millimetres thick and they hug the teeth like a second layer of enamel. Sometimes, people have to have attachments on their back teeth to keep them in place but they are tucked away, out of view.

How Invisalign works

Instead of one device that is fixed to your teeth, you receive a series of aligners from us at Sheen Dental. These are 3D printed to fit detailed digital measurements of your teeth. Each aligner moves your teeth one tiny step along the path to their correct positions, and takes 7-10 days to achieve this. You will know when to change your current aligner for the next because the feeling of pressure will have worn off.

Eating and cleaning

You take your aligners out for consuming everything that is not simple water and you clean your teeth before you put them back in. This often cuts out mindless snacking and coffee drinking at work. You may find that by the time you reach the end of your treatment, you have a new waistline as well as a new set of well aligned teeth.

After treatment

You will need to wear a retainer while your bone settles down around your newly aligned teeth.


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