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7 Dental Implant Questions and Answers you’ll Need to Know

If you’re considering dental implants in Richmond, then there’s undoubtedly many questions that you’ll want to know the answers to before you take the plunge. With this in mind, here are 7 of them that can help you to make an informed decision on your dental future.

What exactly is a dental implant?

Dental Implants Richmond

A dental implant is made up of 3 component parts. The titanium rod or screw (known as the implant), the porcelain crown and the inter-connecting abutment. Firstly a small hole is drilled into the jaw into which the implant is secured. Secondly (and not necessarily on the same day) the interconnecting abutment is placed onto the titanium post and finally, the crown is then attached onto the post via the adjoining abutment to create a natural looking tooth. Implants can be used to replace just one tooth, several teeth or indeed all your teeth!

Why choose dental implants?

Here are 7 reasons…

  • They’re permanent and require no fixatives to hold them in position

  • They look, feel and even act just like your real teeth

  • They work to preserve your facial features

  • Once fitted it’s extremely difficult to tell a dental implant from a real tooth

  • They are the only ‘worry free’ choice, giving you the chance to continually eat what you like while pursuing an active lifestyle.

  • Because they ‘stand alone’ they won’t damage any surrounding healthy teeth

  • They last 3-5 times longer than other forms of teeth replacement

How successful are dental implants?

As the implantation process is a surgical procedure, 100% success can never be guaranteed but here at Sheen Dental we come pretty close. In fact at our clinic a dental implant in Richmond is successful around 97% of the time. On the rare occasions when an implant doesn’t take, then we will remove the implant, clear up the source of the problem and replace it.

Who can have implants?

The majority of people (young or old) are eligible for dental implants. Only certain pre-conditions such as uncontrollable diabetes and certain lifestyle choices such as heavy smoking and drinking might prevent a person from having them. Age is certainly no barrier.

Is the procedure painful?

In a word no! Recent technological advances in modern dentistry means that most dental clinics practice pain-free dentistry. The recovery period may involve some slight swelling and bruising and minimal pain but this can be eradicated using over-the-counter pain killers. Many people fully recover and can resume normal activities in a few days.

Can I have dental implants done on the national health?

In some cases where a patient can demonstrate a clear medical need, usually caused by oral cancers then yes. However in 99% of cases, implants are carried out in private clinics.

Are dental implants expensive?

It’s fair to say that if you look at the price alone, then dental implants aren’t cheap, on average somewhere between £900 and £2500 per tooth. However when you consider that they have the potential to last 3-5 times longer than any other form of tooth replacement and are the most natural looking form of tooth replacement that modern dentistry allows, then as a long-term investment they’re actually very good value for money.

To find out more information about dental implants and how they can help you, then visit our website at or alternatively contact us and speak to our experts during a free, no-obligation consultation.


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