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100 years of dental care from our dentist

Welcome to Sheen Dental, which has more than 100 years of clinical experience all told. Let's look at some of the newest additions to our available treatments with our dentist Richmond and how they can help you.

Welcome new patients

You may not have been to a dental clinic quite like ours before. We blend the professionalism and investment that comes with corporate dental care with the community-driven and centred heart of a local surgery and pillar of the community.

Our team's excellent skills are at the centre of what we do, saving teeth and repairing smiles, but the cosmetic element of dentistry is worth some attention too, and even something as practical as a filling has a cosmetic dimension.

This does not diminish the importance of aesthetic dentistry and the value that we and our patients put on a healthy smile that you can be proud of.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the total restoration of a tooth. Unlike crowns, they do not need a healthy root to be built on. Or, like bridges, they do not require healthy adjacent teeth; they are a stand alone solution. This is a first for dentistry but is unlikely to be the last.

By integrating the prosthetic into living bone, implants feel far more like part of the patient. This can make restorations like dentures more realistic whilst firmly anchoring them in place.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has come a long way from its Hollywood origins. No longer is a brilliant white the goal, but usually an improvement in shade and removal of stains with a healthy natural finish.

Cosmetic teeth straightening

Orthodontic tools like braces and the length of time required to alter the position of teeth really slowed down the adoption of cosmetic teeth straightening, with newer techniques like clear aligners, which give the benefits of orthodontic treatment without the inconvenience or impact of braces, becoming a rapidly growing area.

With the majority of clinically important misalignments treated in adolescence, most adults only require minor alterations, something that can easily be provided in as little as six months with minimalist braces or Invisalign-like products.

Facial aesthetics

Facial aesthetics covers a wide range of mostly injectable treatments, falling into categories of Botox-like muscle relaxants and hyaluronic acid-based fillers. They are widely available in many beauticians and salons, but what makes the difference is our clinical skill and expertise at our dentist Richmond which allows them to be used to their full potential, getting your aesthetic goals reliably and consistently.

Our clinic

We are very proud of our experienced team and the synergy between us which has given us the capacity for the surgery to provide such a wide range of services. We continue investing in training and the latest equipment, keeping our clinic on the cutting edge of care. We wish to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of that, with our interest-free finance options, spreading the cost of care at our dentist Richmond, allowing you to get the advantages today.


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