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Bobbie Virdi
Lauren Louca

I initially called Sheen Dental for advice about a tooth implant for my husband. After speaking with the nurse I immediately felt at ease and confident, not only about the procedure but with Sheen Dental carrying it out.

Throughout our contact the staff have been so helpful informing us of each step they will be taking throughout my husband's treatment, along with providing a very relaxed atmosphere in the practice.

- Lauren Louca

Bobbie Virdi
Laura Kuth

Dear Dr Kalsi

I just wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of me on Friday during my wisdom tooth extraction.

Three years ago when I had a wisdom tooth out I was in agony and had to take strong pain relief for days afterwards. Friday's experience could not have been more different. I felt fantastic immediately after the procedure and can't believe how quickly I recovered.

Many thanks to you and Lisa for making the whole process as stress-free and painless as possible.

- Laura Kuth

Bobbie Virdi
Armenag Topalian

I was referred to Sheen Dental for emergency treatment when in discomfort when away from home. I was impressed by the unruffled atmosphere in rather attractive premises (reminding me more of corporate offices) and a smooth operation. I was dealt with professionally and if I ever move to this area, I think I will use this practice for future treatment. I've given a few tips to my own dentists as to how he could improve his own operation!

All the best

- Armenag Topalian

Bobbie Virdi
Richard East Sheen

Dear Dr Kalsi, I wanted to get in touch to say how happy I am with the work done by Dr Thomas Crawford-Clarke. Through personal circumstance and then embarrassment, it had been many, many years since I had visited a dentist. As a result my teeth were in a very poor condition. Tom did not lecture me nor judge me when we met. He explained all the options available to me and accepted my decisions without forcing me down the most expensive avenues. Both Tom and Karolina have been extremely professional and friendly throughout my treatment and I couldn't be happier with how it has gone. It is great to smile again! There is still plenty of work to be done but my experience thus far, has only instilled a confidence in me to keep going back. I am sure you are aware that Tom and Karolina are valued members of the great team you have there, but I wanted to bring to your attention how happy I am with them and if you could please convey this to them.

Kind regards

- Richard East Sheen

Bobbie Virdi
- Saranya vickram

I had an appointment recently at this practice. I saw Dr Patel, she was very welcoming and kind as I was extremely nervous. She let me take treatment at my own pace and made sure I felt okay throughout it all. I will definitely be returning for any future dental treatment I may need. The receptionists were very friendly, and helped ease my nerves.

- Saranya vickram

Bobbie Virdi
Deanna Clements

I recently visited this dentist as an emergency patient having chipped a tooth. As someone who usually doesn't have problems with their teeth, I found this quite stressful and the dentist, Dr Kalsi was intuitive about my anxiety and was gentle, kind and reassuring from the start to the end of my visit. His nurse Lisa was also friendly, efficient and helpful, as were the reception team. My tooth was fixed quickly and I was able to carry on with my day as though nothing had happened! I would highly recommend this dental surgery.

- Deanna Clements

Bobbie Virdi
Eliza sloss

A had an incredibly good experience at the Sheen Dental Clinic. I was treated by the new dentist Dr. Crawford-Clarke and he was excellent - very patient, well-mannered and experienced. He explained the processes step by step and made me feel very relaxed where previously I had been quite nervous when going to the dentist. The surgery was very well run, clean and beautiful.

- Eliza sloss

Bobbie Virdi

Dear Dr Kalsi & Staff

Just a note to say thank you so much for my new teeth! It's not embarrassing to smile anymore.

I have had over 2 years work with Dr Kalsi and from his friendly helpful receptionists through to Dr Kalsi's assistants Lisa & Shelley, very professional! I can trust Dr Kalsi, he is highly professional, a perfectionist, conscientious dentist and an approachable man, thank you again.

- Josephine

Bobbie Virdi
Naser Jousif Miscony

This is to confirm that Sheen Dental surgery is an excellent caring and cooperative practice. I have been their patient since 7 and half years ago and I was so so happy and satisfied with all dental respects concerning me.

- Naser Jousif Miscony

Bobbie Virdi
Mrs S Olivieri

From the first appointment with Dr Stavaras I knew I found the perfect orthodontist to correct my daughters smile.

Dr Stavaras always took the time to explain the course of treatment and how to best maximise results. My daughter (and I) are delighted with the end result and are grateful for the patience and encouragement DR Stavaras has given throughout this course of treatment.

Thank you for the great smile.

- Mrs S Olivieri

Bobbie Virdi
August Patterson

I can honestly say Tom is by far the best dentist I have ever seen, I've always been apprehensive of dental treatment but he put me at ease and I felt no pain at all. Great dentist, great guy, great hair.

- August Patterson

Bobbie Virdi
Hamish Andrew Chandler

Very easy process and accommodating of my irregular university timetables. Very nice dentist.

Very happy with my lovely straight teeth.

- Hamish Andrew Chandler

Bobbie Virdi
Anna Craig

I was very anxious about having fixed braces in my mid 30's. The process has left me with great teeth and has been worth it. I can now smile in photos again!

- Anna Craig

Bobbie Virdi
William Malcolm

I feel better about myself having gone through the treatment plan, when I started to work with Dr Kalsi my teeth need a rebuild more or less Dr Kalsi made me feel comfortable and build my trust and confidence as we progressed, I am very pleased with the rebuild and the experience, Thank you.

- William Malcolm

Bobbie Virdi
Yvonne Bredow

Staff and dental team very professional, explaining treatment at each stage of treatment. Before treatment problems with teeth and gum deterioration resulted in my reluctance to socialise outside my family dos going to restaurants, smiling and laughing were becoming more of a problem.

It has taken many hours of dental work, but it have made such a difference to my wellbeing and socializing.

- Yvonne Bredow

Bobbie Virdi
Dan Perrett

What initially sounded as a long and complex process was executed with clinical efficiency and expertise by Dr Kalsi and his team. Hours were spent in the dental chair, but throughout the treatment I never had to take a painkiller or suffer any discomfort.

- Dan Perrett

Bobbie Virdi
Julie Ovens New Malden

I have been coming to Sheen Dental for many years now and have always been greeted with a friendly smile.

Finding a good dentist is like finding a good hairdresser, when you are happy with how you look and feel when you leave you always want to go back!

The only pain I usually leave with is in my wallet! But it's worth it, everyone sees your smile.

- Julie Ovens New Malden

Bobbie Virdi

My smile was becoming tired. The gums were receding from my crowns which were not as white as I would like. After consultation with my dentist I decided to renew my crowns and also have veneers on additional top teeth and have whitening on my bottom teeth. The latter were very discoloured. This was because just renewing the crowns would not look natural as the colour discrepancy would be obvious. I particularly hated wearing white clothes in the summer as they made my smile look yellow.

The treatment, whilst not always comfortable, was not painful and I suffered no pain or discomfort afterwards. I felt my wishes and preferences were taken into account, and in particular in discussions re colour and what needed to be done.

My new smile has made me more confident re smiling and I feel it has brightened my whole appearance. It looks natural and has not been immediately obvious to people that I have had a lot of work done. However I have had comments about how well I look.

- Jan

Bobbie Virdi
Sandie Velvick

Dear Dr Kalsi

Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet, which is adding some welcome colour and fragrance to my living room. In many ways, I am relieved that my lengthy treatment is almost at an end, but I will miss our regular meetings – I never thought I would say that regarding dental appointments!

I am grateful to you and Natasha for your kindness, and expertise, and hope that the enclosed manifesto is what you wanted.


- Sandie Velvick

Bobbie Virdi

I'm rather a nervous patient, so the prospect of facing the implant procedure was daunting to say the least. But throughout, I have been impressed by the skill, particularly Natasha. At every stage, Dr Kalsi was meticulous and would settle for nothing less than a perfect result, all the while reassuring me.

I am delighted with the end result. The implants fit perfectly and within a week, I forgot I had them! To me, that is the best testimonial I could give.

- Margaret

Bobbie Virdi

Dear Dr Kalsi

Thank you so much for all the care and attention of the last few years in rebuilding my teeth. You have achieved a fabulous result. Many thanks also for the splendid bottle of wine.

- Kevin

Bobbie Virdi

Dear Dr Kalsi

Thank you so much for giving me my confident smile back after fitting the veneers. You reassured me no end, as I was a very nervous and undecided patient.

Bobbie Virdi
Dr Jennifer Hall

I found this to be an extremely friendly and efficient service. Everything was well explained at every step of my treatment, both by dentist and hygienist. I have every confidence in the services and will certainly recommend them to others.

- Dr Jennifer Hall

Bobbie Virdi
Brenda Cohen

Dear Dr Kalsi,

Finally I've got my dental implants. It's been a long and arduous journey, and at times I wondered if it was all worth it (especially at my advanced years!) But now they are in and I feel marvellous. As you said, it's like having my teeth back again.

Thank you, and all your team for a job well done


- Brenda Cohen

P.S. Thank you also for the flowers and wine. We've enjoyed them both.

Bobbie Virdi

I have always found the staff at the reception to be helpful and friendly.

The waiting room has a nice atmosphere with a great choice of magazines and lovely music.

The experience in the dentist's chair itself have been very non-traumatic and taken the fear out of a trip to the dentist. This has been particularly helpful regarding my children who have felt relaxed and at ease.

- Annabel Djalili

Bobbie Virdi
Maria Pooley

Dear Mr Kalsi

Just a note to thank you for all the work you performed on my tooth, I am delighted with the results.

Many thanks to all for the flowers.

Kindest regards

- Maria Pooley

Bobbie Virdi
J Nielson

This is just a short note to thank Dr Photis and his nurse for the excellent orthodontic treatment that I received. On all my visits they addressed all my concerns and questions both in a professional and compassionate way.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and would recommend anyone who is debating about braces who is not a teenager to get it done.

- J Nielson

Bobbie Virdi
Fiona Ludlow

Nazira was amazing!

I hate visiting the dentist & having my teeth cleaned!!

I am definitely not waiting that long again, Nazira calmed me and took care so it didn't hurt. A complete revelation!

- Fiona Ludlow

Bobbie Virdi
June Jones

Dear Dream Team,

Just a little note of appreciation for your epic efforts not only of my last appointment but throughout my treatment, when only perfection was good enough! I am now the proud owner of two shiny new implants and molars which look and feel just as nature intended…. Thank you! I am so grateful to be alive now, where the technology is possible to have new teeth, and skilled people are on the planet able to effect it (YOU!)

Will see you again next month.

Affectionately yours,

- June Jones

Bobbie Virdi
F. Barrett

I have been a patient at Sheen Dental Practice for over 8 years now and have always found them to be extremely professional, courteous and efficient. They offer a high quality service.

Like most people time is at a premium and Dr Kalsi’s practice approach ensures the minimum time spent at dental appointments. He explains the necessary work required and then gets straight on the case, giving you little time to get anxious and worry.

I always dreaded having to visit the dentist until I came to Sheen Dental Practice. I have referred friends and family and thank you for the excellent service you provide. (Pain free!)

- F. Barrett

Bobbie Virdi
L. Bellamore

I had not been to a dentist for many years when I first visited the practice so was a little worried when I was told the amount of work I needed. This involved fillings, injections, eventual root canal and a crown. Being quite squeamish I probably would have run a mile if I had known this before I came. However all of the staff and Dr Beaumont were as considerate and thoughtful as I could have hoped for. The treatments were made as pleasant as they could be just by being treated in a professional and courteous manner.

Thanks to all at the practice

- L. Bellamore

Bobbie Virdi

Dear Dr Kalsi

Finally I’ve got my dental implants. It’s been a long and arduous journey, and at times I wondered if it was all worth it (especially at my advanced years!) but now they’re in and I feel marvellous. As you said, its like having my own teeth back again.

Thank you, and all your team for a job well done!

P.S. thank you also for the flowers and wine, we’ve enjoyed them both!
Bobbie Virdi

Dear Rimmi

Just wanted to say how very happy I am with my “new smile”. Can’t believe how silly I was being so totally and utterly nervous when there was no need at all. Being able to smile without feeling the need to cover my mouth is AMAZING! My teeth look 100% better. Much healthier and stronger. You have made me very happy. That you very much to the girls at reception as well as they are all so lovely and made me at ease.

Thank you

- Amy

Bobbie Virdi
A. Djalili

I have always found the staff at the reception to be helpful and friendly. The waiting room has a nice atmosphere with a great choice of magazines and lovely music. The experiences in the dentist’s chair itself have been very non-traumatic and taken the fear out of a trip to the dentist. This has been particularly helpful regarding my children you have felt relaxed and at ease.

- A. Djalili


Previously my experiences of a dentist were far from pleasant. When I first saw signs of dental problems the dentist I visited merely helped in temporary treatments costing me a fortune over some years. Never was an option given to me for a permanent solution. I was a patient with that dentist for 15 years until I posed a question to him about a permanent solution as I had heard about implants.

Before meeting Dr Kalsi I was apprehensive and anxious. I went into the suite that Dr Kalsi was in and met him. Simple but friendly and a positive person he cleared the formalities and went on to assess my condition and explained what could be done. After leaving the surgery I beamed with hope for the first time in years about my teeth, an emotion I had not experienced for years. I received a letter very clearly explaining my treatment options along with the cost. From the start of the treatment to the end Dr Kalsi's skills both as a confident surgeon and someone who really understands patients made me feel at ease and I went through the plan successfully. I would also like to thank Dr Kalsi's excellent team.

I realise now how much I have missed without proper teeth that the list is endless. My life has changed so much that I had actually forgotten what teeth were for until I had the treatment.

- Lucy, Twickenham

Bobbie Virdi

I love this practice. I have been to a few other dentists recently and this one tops them all. They are very thorough.

Dr Kalsi explains things in terms I can understand and the nurses are happy to help with further questions. They were not at all pushy, gave me all my options, and the treatment outcome was amazing.

I have a lot of dentistry related fears and they took extra time to make me comfortable. I highly recommend this practice. They don't get any better. All the staff were superb and professional and completely approachable. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

- Mark, Sheen

Bobbie Virdi

Beyond the exceptional professional care I received at Sheen Dental, my thanks extends to the entire staff.

With gentle manners and engaging personality, Dr Kalsi eagerly answered whatever questions I raised about my problem, and explained procedures for each with great patience and clarity. Further, they have given generously of their time and talents. The rest of the delightful team, including those who manage the office, the hygienist and the dental assistants consistently demonstrate great concern for my needs and my comfort.

It is a traditional and cheerful place that I am happy to visit, which, several years ago, I would never had said about a dental practice. The enthusiasm of the close friend who referred me is now exceeded by my own!

- Jenny, Richmond

Bobbie Virdi

I recently completed implant treatment at Sheen Dental. The whole experience from start to finish was excellent thanks to Dr Kalsi and his great team. I had an initial consultation with Dr Kalsi, who advised me of the various options open to me. He explained stages of the procedure, including the cost of the treatment. I can assure you there was no "hard sell' to take the implants, and it was left to me to proceed or not. Although a friend told me prices were lower abroad I did not want to take any chances and decided to have the treatment done in London.

Having agreed to begin the treatment, the implants were placed. The entire treatment took place in the comfort of Sheen Dental practice. This was so much more convenient than having to travel abroad and in the long run much cheaper.

There was little discomfort involved in the entire procedure. This gave me great peace of mind. The final stage of the treatment involved having the abutment screwed into the implants and the fitting of the final crowns.

This part of the treatment really impressed me, with Dr Kalsi making sure the fit and colour was perfect. Even the technician came to the practice with his furnace! This process took a few adjustments, but it was well worth it as the final result is great, and matched my existing teeth perfectly. I would thoroughly recommend Sheen Dental to anyone who wants a great job done.

- Ryan, Sheen

Bobbie Virdi

I just wanted to say thank you for being so unexpectedly welcoming and friendly over my last few visits, I really could not have asked, or hoped, for a more pleasant experience. From the moment I walked in the receptionist came over and sat by me and talked me through what was going to happen, to whilst being injected and feeling the reassuring hand of Dr Kalsi's assistant just resting on my shoulder, and of course Dr Kalsi who must surely be one of the kindest and best dentists I've had the good fortune to meet. There's a great atmosphere in your practice, something that doesn't really exist in the majority of dentists, private or otherwise. Thank you all so much for your time and your kindness.

- Amy, Barnes

Bobbie Virdi

I am quite new to Sheen Dental having moved to the area recently. My family and I have received a really warm welcome. Going to the dentist is not something I look forward to so I am delighted to say all the treatment I have received has been carried out in the most professional and caring manner. The practice is run super efficiently partly due to investment in a good use of modern technology and also very knowledgeable and experienced staff. Many thanks, keep up the good work!

- Alex, Sheen

Bobbie Virdi

When I moved to Richmond I needed to find a dentist who could place implants. I am a very nervous patient and was worried about the whole process of implants. I needn't have worried as from my first visit all the staff made me feel welcome, kept me informed and managed my appointments well. At every stage of the procedure I felt that the whole team supported me.

The next step is to have implants placed on the other side of my mouth. I am really looking forward to eating normally again soon.

- Gary, Richmond

Bobbie Virdi

I visited Sheen Dental after a friend had recommended Dr Kalsi to me. I had visited two other dental practices before and was not clear at all on how to proceed with implant treatment.

Dr Kalsi discussed the options available to me, he was very good and he actually listened to my concerns. You can tell he is very experienced, this filled me with trust and excitement as it had been such a long time since I was able to smile without hiding behind my hands or even be able to chew my food properly. I realized I had ignored my problem for too long and decided to go ahead with treatment.

From start to finish Dr Kalsi's team were all fantastic and supportive. I have never felt so relaxed and at ease going to the dentist.

I can now smile without being on guard and eat what I want. My life has changed so much and I'm glad I have made this investment.

- Anne, Putney

Bobbie Virdi

I have been a patient of Dr Kalsi's for 15 years I have no hesitations or reservations in recommending this practice. It's always a pleasure to visit the dentist. Excellent service and staff ensure that your visit is a pleasant, painless experience.

- Michael, Sheen

Bobbie Virdi

Dear Dr Kalsi,

I am writing to thank you for your excellent work accomplished during the last year. Not only did you fix my teeth so the look better than they ever did, but you treated me as an individual. You took exceptional care of me, especially as you had someone in front of you with a HUGE dental phobia.

I would like to thank everyone in your team for being genuine, and sincere in a very human but also professional way

My heartfelt thanks to you and your team

- Sarah, Twickenham

Bobbie Virdi

I resisted Dr. Kalsi's recommendation to use a mouth guard for at least four years. Four years of muscle tension, frequent headaches and waking up groggy with my jaws aching.

One day I took the plunge and haven't looked back since.

With the mouth guard, I have not had one bad night with jaw tension and I sleep well. I have even been known to wear the mouth guard on my way home from a tough day in the office and also when driving in traffic.

The mouth guard is certainly a big ticket item. But when considered with the cost of other things we buy and do to relieve the stress of London-living, and when looked at over its 4-5 year life span, then it's actually surprisingly good value and I kick myself for not getting one all those years ago when Dr. Kalsi first recommended it to me.

- Judith, SW13

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